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  • Radioactive contamination in imported scrap metals

    by c.g.nadar - March 11, 2009 21990 Views

    More than 50% of the total 123 shipments of contaminated steel is from India. The 67 shipments from India were denied entry into European and US ports. The reason, contamination of Cobalt-60 in the Read more

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  • Scrap Metal Prices- Will there be a dawn in 2009?

    by c.g.nadar - December 02, 2008 32972 Views

    It’s a mountain of scrap at E.J. Knight Scrap Material Co andpiling up. Exports to China and supply to local foundries have stopped abruptly. There are practically notakers for the Scrap. The Read more

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  • China’s $586-B plan, Will it be a boon for the steel industry?

    by c.g.nadar - November 10, 2008 13205 Views

    BEIJING —  The Chinese Govt. have  announced a $586- billion stimulus package on November -9  to protect the financial system and to minimize the impact of the Global credit crunch.A Read more

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  • Ship Breaking Industry - In Coma

    by c.g.nadar - November 06, 2008 30629 Views

    It had been the worst affected industry by the Global economic slowdown and declining demand for steel. Asian countries like India Bangladesh were thriving with ship breaking and related business for Read more

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