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  • It is Steel Eclipse!

    by georgy - May 23, 2016 4894 Views

    The steel prices, especially U.S flat rolled are shooting up very briskly not seen since 2008, according to industry sources. I should say it is a STEEL ECLIPSE! Fasten your seat belt lest you Read more

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  • Ferrous Scrap on the Gaining Front

    by georgy - May 23, 2016 4879 Views

    It was a third consecutive gain in May for the Midwest ferrous scrap as steady demand from flat-rolled producers worked to lift prices once again. Most steelmakers throughout the Midwest readily Read more

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  • Steel Plate scrap is Shifting to a Higher Plane

    by georgy - May 09, 2016 5464 Views

    The steel plate scrap market is shifting to a higher plane, market sources said, thanks to mill increases, expected gains in scrap prices and a landmark trade case that would squeeze off shore Read more

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    by georgy - April 29, 2016 5600 Views

    An unbelievable hike in export prices of ferrous scrap rocked the market this week, leaving many market players reeling in its wake just ahead of May. A single bulk cargo sale off the Read more

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  • Momentum For Ferrous Scrap

    by georgy - April 23, 2016 4698 Views

    The “WIND” of supply and demand factor finally began to blow in favour of scrap sellers from early March, as prices gained $12 per ton or more, depending on the grade. The Read more

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  • Non-Ferrous Scrap: The Pros & Cons in 2016

    by georgy - April 06, 2016 7579 Views

    During the course of 2015, the prices of Copper, Aluminum and Nickel were on a downward trend in London Metal Exchange (LME), with the price of Nickel dropping most significantly, having Read more

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  • Ferrous Scrap: Metal Proving Mettle

    by georgy - March 20, 2016 4897 Views

    Improved conditions finally observed in global steel market are better as demand is steady or has edged up.  There’s good news on demand side, the long steel products market had Read more

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  • Will Plunged Metal Scrap Be Recovered?

    by georgy - March 09, 2016 6361 Views

    A most valuable industry is drowned into peril as the life is slowly squeezed from it by slowing demand and a flood of cheap imports as the government is a mere onlooker. The plunging oil Read more

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  • Does 2016 look “Blue”?

    by georgy - March 04, 2016 5840 Views

    The current economic health of China is considered as one of the major factor, by a majority of the recyclers, for the weakening of nonferrous scrap markets. Adding to this factor, is the Read more

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  • Recycling Scrap Metal: The Benefits

    by georgy - January 18, 2016 4396 Views

    We might be probably aware of the existence of scrap metal recycling industry globally on a large-scale and might be surprised by its size and scope as well. These days with the modern Read more

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  • Steel Scrap Market: Turkey, The Game Setter

    by georgy - January 04, 2016 7863 Views

    Today the Turkish Steel Industry is the world's eighth and Europe's second biggest steel producer, accounting for one fifth of global scrap imports on its own, Turkish steel industry Read more

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    by georgy - December 04, 2015 4766 Views

    Iron and steel scrap, also referred to as ferrous scrap, and is obtained end-of-life products.  Waste ferrous scrap is recovered from automobiles, steel structures, household appliances, Read more

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