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  • The resurgence of copper scrap.

    by georgy - June 28, 2016 8350 Views

    The downfall in ferrous scrap prices in Europe earlier this year caused regional collection activity to a drastic nose dive, hitting supply of both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, according to EMR, Read more

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  • Ferrous Scrap Export at Standstill!

    by georgy - June 06, 2016 7807 Views

    After a steady increase in the past few weeks once again we get to hear about “Market uncertainty”. But this time it is caused by the Chinese billet price fluctuations, which has Read more

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  • Karnataka Issues State Wide Plastic Bag Ban!

    by georgy - June 03, 2016 6231 Views

    With the thought to provide & ensure a clean green environment, the state administration had issued the plastic ban order on 11th March 2016. As per the norms of the ban, use of plastic bags, Read more

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  • Global Plastics Industry takes big leap forward in tackling marine litter

    by georgy - June 03, 2016 5844 Views

    The consortium of plastic organizations from across the world announced that global plastics industry has made significant progress in preventing marine litter. The recently released annual Read more

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  • It is Back Foot Drive for Base Metals

    by georgy - June 03, 2016 5061 Views

    Base metals have started the second half of the year with a whimper, returning to the lower end of recent ranges on the LME on Wednesday morning. It remains in consolidation mode, the Read more

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  • Aluminium Scrap is on a Free Fall

    by georgy - June 03, 2016 4692 Views

    The Midwest aluminum premium has dropped following nearly a month of stability, with some market participants telling that concerns about foreign metal hitting U.S. shores this summer may be one Read more

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  • Brass & Copper in Competitive Mood

    by georgy - June 03, 2016 4431 Views

    Lingering supply concerns have kept most copper and brass scrap prices insulated from terminal market weakness, although a production disruption at one brass mill could change that by freeing up Read more

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  • Ferrous Export Market In A Stand Still!

    by georgy - May 25, 2016 8041 Views

    All eyes are fixed on the ferrous scrap export market, with the market players fully aware that the next sale will determine where prices are heading for the near term. The latest news is that, Read more

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  • It is Steel Eclipse!

    by georgy - May 23, 2016 4262 Views

    The steel prices, especially U.S flat rolled are shooting up very briskly not seen since 2008, according to industry sources. I should say it is a STEEL ECLIPSE! Fasten your seat belt lest you Read more

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  • Ferrous Scrap on the Gaining Front

    by georgy - May 23, 2016 4140 Views

    It was a third consecutive gain in May for the Midwest ferrous scrap as steady demand from flat-rolled producers worked to lift prices once again. Most steelmakers throughout the Midwest readily Read more

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  • Steel Plate scrap is Shifting to a Higher Plane

    by georgy - May 09, 2016 4588 Views

    The steel plate scrap market is shifting to a higher plane, market sources said, thanks to mill increases, expected gains in scrap prices and a landmark trade case that would squeeze off shore Read more

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    by georgy - April 29, 2016 4835 Views

    An unbelievable hike in export prices of ferrous scrap rocked the market this week, leaving many market players reeling in its wake just ahead of May. A single bulk cargo sale off the Read more

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