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Plastic Recycling Industry jolts due to China’s Import Regulation

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Regulation Vs hapless recyclers

Import of Plastic scrap has terribly come down by 80% as import of plastic scrap through Guangzhou customs is stiffened by executing import regulations on solid waste.
China’s plastic scrap import is under the control of the Guangzhou customs that is the threshold handling major portion of plastic scrap import in the country.

The regulation was issued earlier this year to have control over the import of solid waste as large amount of non-recyclable wastes are also found along with recyclable wastes that is a threat to the environment.

In 2002 China’s plastic scrap import was 2,460,000 tons but then the annual growth rate magnificently increased by 26% and in 2010 the import quantity reached 7,400,000 tons. The recycling industries are now in anxiety as the import would reduce considerably as a result of the new regulation.

Not to mention, about 30% to 40% of recycling industries in Guangzhou province are shutdown due to the enforcement of the import regulation. But the government is firm in imposing the regulation across the country.

The regulation says –
1) The import license should neither be borrowed nor sold.

2) The imported material should only be used as raw stuff by the importers & in any case reselling of the imported material is strictly prohibited as indicated in the license.

3) The most important, the importer should get a clearance from his local customs only & not any other customs in the country.

However, it is strongly believed by the Guangzhou customs that the new regulation will be a weapon to stop illegal import of solid waste into the country that so far took place due to pockmarks in the laws.

The recyclers are advised to mold themselves according to the new regulation & employ strategic business policies & endow on contemporary technologies.

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