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UK strongly condemns China’s ban on importing plastic scrap

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China’s Ban threatens plastic exporters


Official bodies of China namely China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Commerce and National Development and Reform Commission has considered putting forth an interdict that states 

1) Import of unwashed post-consumer plastic is prohibited into the country

2) Only the companies with import license are allowed to import any waste as per the new regulation and

3) Forbids the procurement of unwashed plastic waste that comes down with imported plastic /paper wastes. China claims that all these measures are only to ensure quality and tighten the import measures.

An official of PAFA articulated his views about China’s announcement that this would devastate bulk export of plastic waste from UK which no doubt will have great impact on the plastic industries. In order to overcome this jolt from China, investing in Europe could be the only option says Mr.Turner from PAFA but it is not that easy and this could develop only with time. Although such measures are taken to invest in Europe this would have adverse effect on UK plastic industries as would be impossible to meet the plastic recycling targets.

PAFA (The Packaging and Films Association) together with DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) of UK is now in process of right away reviewing the plastic recycling targets in response to the unexpected Ban from China.

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