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South Indian scrap price falls down on festive season

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South Indian Scrap prices continued to fall down on major festival.

Scrap Metal prices continued to trade low at the South Indian Scrap market here today on sluggish of buying and selling interest by stockists and traders, in spite of major festival (Pooja and Deepavali ) starts  in October and November.


Copper and HMS witnessed one month low to Rs 410/kg and 23.5/kg this morning. However, Aluminum and Brass witnessed one-week low to Rs 103/kg and 296/kg.

According to a major exporter, despite of enough stock with fireworks mills, Importers may remain calm as they largely replenish more than they required thus price for paper may come down.

“It is hard to infer the future outlook of the scrap market upto the end of the festival season. We expect prices to slip even more for Copper, Aluminum No:1  and Aluminum No:2 , Iron, HMS to Rs 405/kg, Rs 98/kg, Rs: 80/kg, Rs 19/kg and Rs 20/kg respectively”, said a trader based in Kottaram (South India).

Table- South Indian Scrap Prices – Oct 16  (In rupees/Kg)

Copper ------ 410
Copper no:2  -------  400
copper No:3 ------- 35
Brass ---- 296
HMS ------  23.50
Irons ----- 22
Cast iron ----- 25
M.S.Turning ----- 18
M.S.Boring -----19
Tin ----- 18
Zinc foil  ---- 19
Silver (utensils) ----- 40
SS ----- 70
No:1 Aluminum  ----- 103
No:2 Aluminum ----- 90
Plastic PVC ----- 18
No:1 plastic ----- 18
No:2 Plastic -----6.5
No:3 Plastic ------ 4
PET bottles ----- 20
Note Books ------ 11.50
Text Books ------ 8.5
Box Craft ----- 5
Yellow Craft ----- 2
Tamil News Paper  ------ 7.8
English News Paper  ----- 9.5
CRD  ------ 3.5
White record  ------- 8
Brown  ----- 3

You can find more prices at http://www.recycleinme.com/scrapresources/PriceHome.aspx


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