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CHATTANOOGA chief patrols on the approach to clear out scrap metal shoplifts

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Mr. Bobby Dodd – a chief police officer is all set to put an end to the daily business of scrap metal thieves of scrapping stolen cars.

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Pilfers in and around Chattanooga – one of the largest states of US steal the cars parked on highways, inter-states and the most repulsive is that even the cars parked in front of yards of the car owners are stolen and right away cashing in at local scrap yards.

The law itself is a loop hole to the scrap metal pirates that allows any stranger to vend the car without even legalizing if he is the proprietor of the car or not. And it is now that Mr. Bobby Dodd wants to seal such loophole putting an end to auto theft.

At “Marlin Johnson” a local yard one can’t find any stolen cars says Mr.Dodd, as they follow a simple but firm rule that "If they don't have a title we don't talk any further,” But the gloomy is that not everyone follows this rule because the state law itself allows to sell any cars that is 12years old without a title.

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Marooned drivers is Mr.Dodd’s target who says that these drivers will have a flat tire, run out of gas, dead battery who have no means in restoring the tire by spending any penny just leaving a way for auto theft. Although legislators have passed a law that one who brings the car to the yard to scrap has to wait for three days if the car doesn’t carry any title. But Mr.Dodd says that this law is utterly futile as the cars are crushed right away once it is brought o the yard.

A report reveals that around 832 vehicles were reported stolen in city limits, and 95 of them were taken to scrap yards. Mr.Jhonson from “Marlin Johnson” yard says that a car should be allowed to scrap without an identity only if the car is 17year or even older than that.

According to Mr.Dodd the wrecker service that is the destructive agents should be tracked and allowed to operate only with a business permit as such unlicensed wreckers are difficult to track.

Also he proposes the scrap yards to maintain a daily inventory as the pawn shops that already follow.

The city attorney is breezing the new regulation, which the city council will have to vote on.

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