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US scrap dealers concerned over the rise in scrap prices in November

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It’s learned that the large-scale scrap yards in US are very care about the price hike in November following continues falling in scrap prices consecutively for last 5 days.

Overall, Scrap prices in US continue to fall during September and October owing to replenish by mills a head of winters. Suppliers look to supply more materials in advance of winter as scrap demand remains low during this phase.

However, total dip was calculated by around US$70~US$100/ton during September and October. Strengthen in dollars in the currency market will also make trading activities get soften.

According to the major market participants, US steel makers have recently hiked the prices by US$44/ton for steel flat products as they supposed scrap prices might hike in November.  Therefore, large-scale scrap yards in US are unwilling to correct their prices amid falling demand for scrap in the global market.

Moreover, winter season may also play a major role on a rise in prices as it’s hard to collect scrap in winter. Consequently industry participants believe that the scrap prices may prolong in December if it increases in November.


US Scrap price – Nov 03, 2012 (In US$/Pound)


AL Cans - 0.6

AL Extrusion - 0.74

AL Sheet - 0.51

Aluminum Breakage - 0.2

Aluminum Copper Unit - 1.59

Aluminum Turnings - 0.3

Aluminum Wire - 0.55

Brass  - 1.77

Cast Alum - 0.52

Copper No.1 - 2.8

Copper No.2 - 2.65

Insulated No.1 Copper 75 Perc. - 1.75

Lead - 0.5

No.2 Insulated Copper 45 Perc. - 0.5

Sheet Copper - 2.26


No.1 Cast Iron - 260 (US$/Tonne)

No.2 Cast Iron - 180 (US$/Tonne)

HMS 1 & 2  - 390 (US$/Tonne)

Shredded Scrap  - 430 (US$/Tonne)


For updated price please have a look at http://www.recycleinme.com/scrapresources/PriceHome.aspx


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