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Sandy will atleast toss 2,50,000 cars to scrap

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Only 250,000?? – This figure may blow up once the auto industry giants General Motors Co and Ford Motor Co will open up as to how many of their vehicles were smashed by Sandy…..

A well-known topic about the furious action of Sandy that shattered US, it is now time to guesstimate the number of vehicle scrap that would be generated in response to this misfortune that ensued on 29th October. It looks as if a heap of new and used cars, trucks and other sorts of automobiles overall would include the inventory to make the number 2,50,000 is the outlook of auto business giants plus dealers.

How come the brand new vehicles were the victim to SANDY?

Upset automakers have revealed that around 16,000 brand new vehicles have to be scrapped. The new vehicles were stored at the port of Newark when Sandy rushed into the coastal areas in New Jersey and New York. As soon as General Motors Co and Ford Motor Co will unveil the number of vehicles they lost to Sandy the integer may ascend. But its nine days now, killer storm Sandy washed out US but till now neither General Motors Co nor Ford Motor Co have seeped out any figures regarding the damage incurred by them.

Auto manufacturers deem that customers with damaged vehicles will have no option other than to replace it with the new one and thus this in the long run will boost up the business. Over 8million businesses and homes were misplaced by the super storm that left the whole Northeast in dark without electricity. But still a few optimistic auto dealers are functioning with the help of generator power.

Toyota Motor Corp the third topper of US in auto sales have expressed fret that nearly 30,000 industry sales of October dipped owing to reduced customer traffic and belated purchase. But then there is a ray of hope that the lost sales would be well again in November or not later than December.

The finest part is that GM, Ford and Chrysler have decided to fund $500 towards the purchase or hire of a fresh vehicle for the clients who lost their vehicles to Sandy if they fetched them from the same auto makers. It’s not only GM, Ford and Chrysler but almost all the auto makers are offering financial aid in areas that were badly smacked by Sandy.

Nissan – a chief Japanese Car company has about 255 dealerships in the affected areas. This company too will offer worker cost and cut-rate funding in areas hit by Sandy.

The financial relief offered by the auto industry is a good indication to build swiftly from this drastic natural calamity!

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