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LDPE Plastic – The Future is a Green Pasture

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A Driving & Thriving Demand

LDPE or Low-density polyethylene plastic is made from the monomer ethylene. It was the first grade of polyethylene, produced in 1933 by Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI). The manufacturing process is the same even today. It is estimated that about 5.7% of LDPE (recycling number 4) is recycled. Despite facing a stiff competition from more modern polymers, LDPE continues to be an important stand out plastic grade. In 2013 the worldwide LDPE market reached a volume of about US$33 billion. (Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Low-density_polyethylene)

According to the analytical study on LDPE industry by GBI Research’s new report, “The Future of Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), Market Forecasts and Growth Trends to 2020 – Packaging Applications Driving Demand Globally”, the global LDPE demand is expected to grow steadily in the forecast period

The demand for LDPE is highest in Asia. China is emerging as the major demand driver for LDPE in the world. The demand in advanced countries such as Japan is also high but is stable. India and China have considerable consumption potential because of their large populations. The Asian demand by volume for LDPE in 2009 was 5.9 million MT. LDPE demand in the Middle East is growing faster with the rapidly growing capacity and production in this region.

Europe is the second largest consumer of LDPE in the world. Germany and France consume the most LDPE in Europe, but the demand in these countries is also stable. Growth in the European LDPE demand is being driven by the UK and Spain. The demand for LDPE in Europe was around 4.6 million MT in the year 2009.

Growth in LDPE demand is mostly from Asia and the Middle East. The GDPs of countries such as China and India in Asia are growing at higher rates than the global GDP growth rates. The key LDPE-consuming industries are also growing in these regions. The packaging sector is set to grow continuously in the forecast period in these countries supported by the growth in the retail industry.

GBI Research’s new report points out that, the packaging industry is the principle LDPE-consuming sector globally. LDPE is used for packaging food products such as meat and poultry, dairy products, snacks and sweets, frozen food, and as a coating to paper and paper board products used for packaging liquids such as milks and fruit juices, and others. It is used for non-food packaging such as shrink films for books, bundling and pallets; stretch and shrink wraps, different types of bags, over wrap films for towels and tissues; and others. LDPE is also used in some pharmaceutical and agricultural packaging. In the construction industry, LDPE is mostly used as a weather proofing material for structures and equipment. In the electrical industry, LDPE is mostly used for the sheathing of power cables and telecommunication cables. The durables segment consists of toys, diapers and various other household plastic products.

According to Ceresana of Konstanz , a research group from Germany voice their opinion that the Global sales of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) would rise from $33 billion in 2013 to $37.2 billion by 2021. However Ceresana said Asian countries — particularly India and China — which were adapting to Western standards for packaged food would rank among the strongest growth markets.

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