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ZINC – The Economic Value, Social Value & Current Trend

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Is there a hope to bounce back?

Among the metals, Zinc is one which has a dynamic use. It is long known for the anti-rust properties it provides with the galvanization (zinc coating) of steel, zinc is also able protect metal roofing, make high quality alloys, and constitutes one of the main ingredients in brass. Zinc has been an important element in engineering material for decades, and will continue to be relevant well into the future.


Zinc brings a multitude of economic and social benefits to society. Man has found a wide range of uses for this versatile natural element whose properties are valued in many industries. The zinc-steel combination has significant economic benefits in terms of life-cycle costs. Improved air quality in many industrialized countries, with diminishing levels of sulfur dioxide (SO2), means today zinc coatings provide even longer protection for steel.

Steel is one of the most widely-used materials on the planet, and thanks to zinc, steel’s durability can be prolonged. The reclamation rate for zinc is more than 80% - meaning the majority of zinc available for recycling is indeed recycled.

Presently, approximately 70% of the zinc produced originates from mined ores and 30% from recycled or zinc scrap. The level of recycling is increasing in step with progress in zinc production and zinc recycling technologies. Zinc is recycled at all stages of production and use - for example, from emissions that arise during the production of galvanized steel sheet, from scrap generated during manufacturing and installation processes, and from products at the end-of-life.

zinc used worldwide

At present, 40% of zinc used worldwide comes from reclaimed zinc scrap. Processes and technology in zinc recycling continue to advance, making reclaimed zinc an increasingly viable source. Considering the nonrenewable nature of existing zinc ores, it is likely that zinc recycling will become an even more compelling source as time passes. The presence of zinc coating on steel does not restrict steel’s recyclability and all types of zinc-coated products are recyclable. Zinc coated steel is recycled along with other steel scrap during the steel production process – the zinc volatilizes and is then recovered. The supply of zinc-coated steel scrap is expected to double over the next five years, as more zinc-coated vehicles enter the recycling stream.

After making a diligent study of the global Zinc scrap market trends, all that I would say is that the market is in oscillation and unpredictable for now, as it is relative to the overall global market trend. I am throwing in my dice being optimistic, as I foresee a growing need for Zinc, in every sphere of human need in the days ahead whether it be economical or social.

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