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Nickel Prices ascends exceptionally–

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A brief study on other non-ferrous metals as well

The rise in nickel prices has created demand in the non-ferrous metal markets. Much rise could not be noticed in Tin, Zinc, copper Armature and copper utensils scrap. On the other hand copper sheet cutting, brass utensils scrap and aluminium utensils scrap ended up with deprived changes.

Price details are as follows –
Nickel prices had a climb and reached Rs.12/kg and Tin trailed by Rs.2/kg. However, Copper Armature, copper utensils scrap and zinc crept by just Rs.1/kg. Aluminium utensils scrap & copper sheets cutting was knocked by Rs.4/kg and brass utensils scrap by Rs.1/kg respectively.

The prices after rise & fall was-
Nickel Rs 1,197/kg
Tin Rs 1,322/kg
Copper Armature - Rs 448/kg
Copper utensils scrap - Rs 418/kg
Zinc - Rs 126/kg
Aluminium utensils scrap - Rs 103/kg
Copper sheets cutting - Rs 438/kg
Brass - Rs304/kg.

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