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  • Recycling Movement in Alabama University Campus

    by ritsu - February 04, 2010 6215 Views

    According to geographical details, the Mount Cheaha is the highest point in Alabama and it stands over 2.400 feet. But a recent study has shown the growth of several small mountains in the region. Read more

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  • Alang turning into Glory with Ship Breaking

    by Noah - December 16, 2009 12050 Views

      Alang is turning into paradise in Ship breaking. It is one of the world’s most renowned Ship breaking yards. It’s becoming cleaner and competitive with the neighboring Bangladesh. Ship Read more

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  • Eradicate the Radiating Waste

    by Noah - December 16, 2009 6572 Views

    Interpol- the World's Police force has jumped to eradicate the hazardous waste along with other environmental protection organizations. The International Police has planned to adopt an Read more

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  • Ship Breaking And Recession

    by linda - July 14, 2009 10996 Views

    It is the typical tale of how one finds profits inthe loss of others. As the epidemic of recession has sent the ships to the graveyards, the scrapping industry in the South Asia has experienceda Read more

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  • Hedging

    by cartmer - June 22, 2009 9553 Views

    Ignoring storage, insurance and finance costs AUD 1,000 invested in the following metals on 1st July 2008, on 11th June 2009 would be worth:Aluminium – AUD 627.68Copper – AUD 709.87Lead – AUD Read more

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  • The Autoworkers are in a better condition than the steel workers of the Bush era

    by ritsu - May 27, 2009 6191 Views

    No other industry is as close to the politics of the United States as the auto and steel industries. At the moment however, the auto industry is at the center of attraction, thanks to the strong Read more

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  • Organized Crime and scrap yards

    by c.g.nadar - March 09, 2009 15221 Views

    The major obstacle in running a Junk Yard is theft materials. Every now and then the police raid junk yards for stolen goods and harass innocent owners. Like any material scrap cannot be identified Read more

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  • Scrap Market Prices – Not all Gloom and Doom

    by c.g.nadar - December 16, 2008 120620 Views

    Scrap Market Prices – Not all Gloom and DoomFrom Mountain to Mole hill in a couple of months the scrap prices have fallen to unimaginable figures.Due to the falling prices you see moles turn into Read more

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  • The Current Economy has made Scrap materials Dumped as Mountains on Roadsides

    by bennyklein - November 17, 2008 10862 Views

    No one has ever expected that scrap metal will dumped on road side and will be left unattended. Yes it’s a great coma for scrap traders. Two days back I had a chat with our local scrap dealer. It was Read more

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  • Scrap Collectors and Small Vendors lose business

    by c.g.nadar - November 11, 2008 22600 Views

    Yesterday I happened to meet with a street scrap buyer who used to visit our households every 15 days for collecting, bottles, can, paper, plastic and any other metal scrap. He usually comes in a Read more

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  • Is the Economic Slowdown Good for Metal Scrap Industry?

    by Scrapking - November 09, 2008 11815 Views

    With almost everyone worried and almost every industry hit worse by the economic slowdown, scrap industry is still on the fast paced growth track. To find the reason behind this, we decided to team Read more

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  • Amended Procedures for Import of precious metal Scrap to India

    by Scrapking - November 05, 2008 12346 Views

    Division 4A.34- regarding the import of precious Metal Scrap to India was amended earlier this year. The Amended EXIM procedure states that: “Imported precious metal scrap / used jewelry shall be Read more

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