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  • Tin prices increase

    by JohnPaul - May 22, 2010 5628 Views

    Being hardened the prices in the domestic nonferrous metals market pieces for Nickel, aluminum and brass utensils the tin prices rose due to fresh buying by stockist, increased by a raising trend on Read more

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  • Prices of China CFR LLDPE, HDPE are ruling weak.

    by rimsupport - May 13, 2010 7702 Views

    According to one of the Chemical Explorer buyer, Crude oil prices were shifted lower this Wednesday resulting a fear of fall in prices in China’s polyethylene market and trying to liquidate the Read more

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  • Taiwanese domestic stainless steel scrap price down by TWD 10 kg

    by rimsupport - May 12, 2010 4936 Views

    In these three days there is a price drop for Nickel by 20% on LME reported price decrease by TWD 10 per Kg for Taiwanese domestic stainless steel scrap. The scrap price closely follows the Read more

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  • Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!

    by rimsupport - April 28, 2010 5455 Views

    Recycling is the best way to protect our environment. It is a great misery to see our planet in great trouble in front of our eyes. Almost every day we are able to hear lot of problems such as Read more

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  • Prices Of Scrap Metals Can Be Corrected

    by rimsupport - April 24, 2010 5588 Views

    Countries scrap metal prices started decreasing from the peak in early April. Rebar prices in KSA and UAE reduced by $ 40-50 in recent three weeks. This decrease reached about $ 80 per ton in Turkey Read more

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  • Earth Day at RecycleinME

    by rimsupport - April 22, 2010 10874 Views

    April 22 is a day designed to inspire our awareness and caring of our environment on this Earth Day. This is the forty years after the first Earth Day. U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson founded this event Read more

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  • Raising metal theft

    by rimsupport - April 17, 2010 7243 Views

      In recent years prices for metal have been raising dramatically due to rapid industrialization in India and China. This hiking in price has now been taken into metal theft gradually. Read more

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  • Growing output -13pct in refined copper in the first three months in China

    by rimsupport - April 16, 2010 4880 Views

    China is coming up like anything in copper consumption, processing and manufacture and even for copper primary products exports. Now China has developed to be the world largest country for copper Read more

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  • Copper price May Fall on Concern about Chinese Demand: LME Preview

    by rimsupport - April 16, 2010 4958 Views

    April 16 (Bloomberg) -China- The world largest consumer of copper, announced measures to cool the real estate market apparently after this there is a concern about Copper may fall in London obviously Read more

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  • Copper Price Hike - Copper thieves strike again

    by rimsupport - April 15, 2010 5081 Views

    Prices of all types of metal have been rising particularly in the past year. Copper has more than tripled in price. Now copper are selling around $3.60 per pound up from about $2 per pound six Read more

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  • High level government meeting on Delhi nuclear scare

    by rimsupport - April 15, 2010 4980 Views

    New Delhi - Top government offices of the department of Atomic Energy, Prime Ministers Office, Home and Health ministries and other representatives  from various intelligence agencies are going Read more

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  • Government Liquidation Auction – Must Know For scrap Trade

    by rimsupport - March 24, 2010 7768 Views

    Anyone who runs a scrap metal business or interested in starting this business should be aware of US government’s online scrap metal auction. The interesting part is that you don’t have to pay a Read more

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