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  • Glass Recycling: Creating No Additional Waste

    by georgy - January 20, 2016 9092 Views

    Glass is made from all-natural sustainable raw materials. It is the preferred packaging for consumers’ concerned about their health and the environment. Consumers prefer glass Read more

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  • Glass Scrap: The Importance of Glass Recycling

    by georgy - January 06, 2016 7244 Views

    Glass Scrap Waste Glass constitutes just one fraction of societies’ complex waste stream. Glass has been amongst the most successfully recycled components of the waste stream. Glass Read more

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  • Glass Begets Glass - Recycling Glass

    by georgy - November 25, 2015 5322 Views

    Recycling Glass is the process of transforming waste glass into usable products. Glass waste should be segregated only by chemical composition, and then, depending on the end use and local Read more

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    by georgy - September 14, 2015 9978 Views

    What is Glass? Glass, as we all know, is hard, fragile and transparent. Glass is thought to have been first discovered, as long ago as 1200 BC, probably in Syria or Egypt, where it was Read more

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