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  • Ferrous Scrap: Metal Proving Mettle

    by georgy - March 20, 2016 6801 Views

    Improved conditions finally observed in global steel market are better as demand is steady or has edged up.  There’s good news on demand side, the long steel products market had Read more

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  • Will Plunged Metal Scrap Be Recovered?

    by georgy - March 09, 2016 9708 Views

    A most valuable industry is drowned into peril as the life is slowly squeezed from it by slowing demand and a flood of cheap imports as the government is a mere onlooker. The plunging oil Read more

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  • Does 2016 look “Blue”?

    by georgy - March 04, 2016 8014 Views

    The current economic health of China is considered as one of the major factor, by a majority of the recyclers, for the weakening of nonferrous scrap markets. Adding to this factor, is the Read more

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  • Recycling Scrap Metal: The Benefits

    by georgy - January 18, 2016 6505 Views

    We might be probably aware of the existence of scrap metal recycling industry globally on a large-scale and might be surprised by its size and scope as well. These days with the modern Read more

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  • Steel Scrap Market: Turkey, The Game Setter

    by georgy - January 04, 2016 12017 Views

    Today the Turkish Steel Industry is the world's eighth and Europe's second biggest steel producer, accounting for one fifth of global scrap imports on its own, Turkish steel industry Read more

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    by georgy - December 04, 2015 7099 Views

    Iron and steel scrap, also referred to as ferrous scrap, and is obtained end-of-life products.  Waste ferrous scrap is recovered from automobiles, steel structures, household appliances, Read more

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  • ALUMINIUM - The Designers Choice

    by georgy - November 26, 2015 6058 Views

    WHAT IS ALUMINUM? Aluminum was first produced in 1825 by Hans Christian Orsted, a physicist. Although he didn’t create a pure form of aluminum, his achievement led to further advances Read more

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  • SHIP BREAKING - Will This Industry Sink?

    by georgy - November 24, 2015 8079 Views

    Ship breaking or ship demolition is a process involving the breaking up of ships for either a source of parts, which can be sold for re-use, or for the extraction of raw materials, chiefly metal Read more

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  • She Was Hot, But Now Cold!

    by georgy - November 19, 2015 5904 Views

    Metal Scrap is The Zing Thing in the manufacturing of new stuffs. A global famine for it has resulted, at times, in high prices and extreme actions — such as the theft of cars for their metal Read more

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  • NICKEL - Energising The Everyday Life

    by georgy - November 01, 2015 11619 Views

    Nickel-containing materials play a major role in our everyday lives – food preparation equipment, mobile phones, medical equipment, transport, buildings, power generation – the list is Read more

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  • STEEL SCRAP: Will The Dark Clouds Clear?

    by georgy - October 29, 2015 9111 Views

    Have you ever been on a roller coaster ride and experienced a “STEEP DOWNFALL”? Well, the Aluminium scrap market is experiencing the STEEP DOWNFALL. This has been the situation for Read more

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  • An Analysis of current market trend for HMS 1&2 scrap

    by georgy - September 02, 2015 11092 Views

    Happy New Steel Year! Let’s hope so was the hope filled prayer, after the severe downfall towards the end of 2014. Many market players are no doubt entering 2015 with a certain sense of Read more

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