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  • Recycled Rubber: A Break Through for Seismic Buildings

    by georgy - February 14, 2016 5199 Views

    In recent years, the disposal of scrap tyres has become a significant environmental problem. 800 millions of scrap tyres are disposed every year worldwide as a consequence of the huge increase in Read more

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  • Rubber Scrap - The Unique Strategy for Tyre Scrap Management

    by georgy - December 21, 2015 5135 Views

    What is Rubberized Asphalt Concrete? Rubberized Asphalt Concrete (commonly known as RAC) is an innovative material for paving roads, which is made by blending ground-up tires scrap with Read more

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  • Rubber Scrap Turns Into High Quality Plastic

    by georgy - November 17, 2015 8154 Views

    Let’s Tango! A breakthrough has been achieved & thanks to the researchers at Fraunhofer Umsicht in Oberhausen who were able to develop a new kind of environmentally friendly material mix Read more

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  • Go Green by Recycling Rubber

    by georgy - September 07, 2015 4622 Views

    When the Second World War happened, there arose a great need for rubber. In order to suffice this need, citizens were called upon to render a solution by giving both used & unused tires to Read more

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  • Stockpiling Of Scrap Tires

    by Jenisha Sharon - August 18, 2011 6993 Views

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  • Recycling Scrap Tires

    by Scrapking - November 03, 2008 6738 Views

    Starting to produce rubber powder a year ago from recycled scrap tires (great sources of rubber scrap), the company believes that this will be a great scope in the recycling Industry. This process Read more

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