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  • Recycling Plastic Scrap

    by georgy - November 16, 2015 3793 Views

    It is a well-known fact that plastic scrap is one of the most commonly used material for recycling. This is due to various factors, the most important factor is the environmental pollution caused Read more

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    by benni - November 16, 2015 7717 Views

    ISRI CODE: MELON consist of brass pipe free of plated and soldered materials or pipes with cast brass connections. To be sound, clean pipes free of sediment and condenser tubes. 74040022 Read more

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    by benni - November 13, 2015 8428 Views

    ISRI CODE: MALIC consist of old nickel silver sheet, pipe, rod, tubes, wire, screen, soldered or unsoldered. Must not be trimmed seams alone, and must also be free of foreign substances, iron rimmed Read more

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  • Can Plastic Power, Fuel U.S Economy?

    by georgy - November 13, 2015 4341 Views

    According to a report from the American Chemistry Council (ACC), a BIG time oppurtunity awaits for the growth of U.S economy if an expansion of plastics – to – oil takes place. If it Read more

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  • Inviting Cheaper Quality Finished Products is Playing Foul In Scrap Imports

    by georgy - November 12, 2015 4586 Views

    In a sudden jerk, due to the new change brought about by the global industry body Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), the metallic scrap recyclers in India are in a real water tight Read more

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    by benni - November 12, 2015 6034 Views

    ISRI CODE: MALAR consists of one specified nickel silver alloy. Not to contain more than 10% of clean punching under 1/4 inch. 74040023 - Copper waste and scrap: Nickel silver scrap namely the Read more

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    by georgy - November 10, 2015 16893 Views

    Aluminum production has been ongoing for over a century and is still going strong. One of the key factors in the success of aluminum is its recyclability. In fact, aluminium scrap recycling has Read more

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  • HIPS Plastic Scrap: The Hygenic Plastic

    by georgy - November 10, 2015 7952 Views

    HIPS scrap (High Impact Polystyrene) is a low cost plastic scrap material that is easy to machine and fabricate. It is often specified for low strength structural applications when impact Read more

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    by benni - November 04, 2015 6320 Views

    ISRI CODE: MAJOR consist of new, clean nickel silver clippings, plate, rod and forgings, and other rolled shapes, free of chrome or any other plating material. Must be sold on nickel content Read more

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  • COPPER CATHODE: The Zing Thing For Copper Wires

    by georgy - November 03, 2015 5912 Views

    Copper cathode is a form of copper that has a purity of 99.95%. In order to remove impurities from copper ore, it undergoes two processes, smelting and electro refining. The resulting, nearly pure Read more

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  • NICKEL - Energising The Everyday Life

    by georgy - November 01, 2015 7806 Views

    Nickel-containing materials play a major role in our everyday lives – food preparation equipment, mobile phones, medical equipment, transport, buildings, power generation – the list is Read more

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  • STEEL SCRAP: Will The Dark Clouds Clear?

    by georgy - October 29, 2015 7734 Views

    Have you ever been on a roller coaster ride and experienced a “STEEP DOWNFALL”? Well, the Aluminium scrap market is experiencing the STEEP DOWNFALL. This has been the situation for Read more

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