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  • Where is the scrap metal market headed to?

    by c.g.nadar - November 05, 2008 11560 Views

    One would have never expected the current market price to fall to $ 280-330 range in the begining of 2008. Heavy demand for steel had skyrocketed the rates of scrap metal in 2007. It had almost Read more

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  • Amended Procedures for Import of precious metal Scrap to India

    by Scrapking - November 05, 2008 11708 Views

    Division 4A.34- regarding the import of precious Metal Scrap to India was amended earlier this year. The Amended EXIM procedure states that: “Imported precious metal scrap / used jewelry shall be Read more

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  • Foreign Scrap Trade Barriers

    by Scrapking - November 04, 2008 9774 Views

    A new, updated list of foreign trade barriers to steel scrap was compiled by the American scrap trade coalition. They called the updated list as the removal of trade barriers.  The Coalition Read more

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  • Recycling Scrap Tires

    by Scrapking - November 03, 2008 6764 Views

    Starting to produce rubber powder a year ago from recycled scrap tires (great sources of rubber scrap), the company believes that this will be a great scope in the recycling Industry. This process Read more

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  • Gold- The Safe Storage in this Declining Economy?

    by Scrapking - November 03, 2008 7881 Views

    South Africa is one of the world's major exporters of gold, platinum, coal, diamonds, aluminium, iron and steel. South Africa’s Global export revenue is hit by the economy slowdown and the resulting Read more

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