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" "Your time is limited, don't waste it living someone else's life." - Steve Jobs "
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Paulo Coelho

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Painting, Singing, Web browsing, Cooking, Taming my baby and husband...ahem ahem

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I definitely have an urge to write, and when I was set free to explore the recycling and scrap industry the experience was a bit discrete. Getting insight to this industry adds knowledge to my soul, making me cautious when I am temped to throw a plastic product right at the place I stand. Every combustible and incombustible waste should be sorted to make the world a better place to live in.

... that's Me @ Recycleinme

I grew up in Nagercoil and still reside over here. Of my academic path - I had already set my foot in the Biotechnology field and was  pretty passionate  experimenting in this daily evolving field, when I realized that I had no option to be employed anywhere outside my hometown. And that too towards the end of my final academic year. How pathetic! But, all my fears got ruled out and destiny refined ways and voila! I am the happiest soul now, being a mother, wife, and what more.

As a fresher I spent a few months as a tele-caller and got to know how the American's react. I should admit that they are sweet to the core. And then dispersed myself into the field of media research and analysis. As a media analyst and researcher - this is one field that plays base to almost all internet businesses. Now employed as a marketing manager at Submitinme, filled with hopes to rejuvenate and dissolve myself into the field of Recycling. The views and opinion of writers are as diverse as the number of writers themselves, and now is my turn set-up with an official tag to it.

I am not at all a voracious reader. Seriously, no time to read. I am a 'painting' fanatic. I sing for my soul and just can't think of a day in my life, gone deaf and dumb. I am pretty much into the happier side of my life and foresee a happy end to all that I do. No worries… no regrets, because all those mistakes molded me to be a strong person who I am now, and look forward to get even stronger. I wish to be successful in a particular field of endeavor and devote myself towards it. My future may be framed by various other factors but where it truly lies is in the heart and soul of myself. We are all perfectionists. Indeed… we tend to behave like one.

... that's Me, Myself & I - Aloud !
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