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" You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. "
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Mary Stewart

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Listening to music, playing games.........

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SEO is an evolving field to enhance my abilities and strength. I am working in an effective and challenging role, i.e. as content writer. I love my designation because I wish to be devoted to reading books and writing.

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I was born on February in one of the greenest places in this world called Nagercoil, India. I still live in Nagercoil, with my mom, dad, and my cute & lovely sister. When I was born, my sister was only 2 years old and even though she was a kid she cared me a lot at that time. Now I’m a teen, she still cares me like just as the kid I used to be.

I started my schooling at Duthie Hr. Sec. School for Girls when I was 3 years old in an excellent school but did not get a chance to find any caring friends worth remembering. After finishing my schooling, I entered my college life. Compared with my schooling, I really enjoyed the college days a lot and had the most fun during my college days. Meantime, life has taught me the real meaning of friendship.

Once I finished my college life, the world looked different to me. My soul talked to me that I need to achieve something great in my life. I always loved reading books and magazines to sharpen my mind. Now I am engaged as content writer in

Thanks for reading my biography. 

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