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Eco-friendly Recycling plants in Al Ain

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Interesting facts about state – of – art recycling plants

The Center Of Waste Management - Al Ain in Abu Dhabi now adds credence to its fame with two recycling plants inaugurated on 03.11.2011. These plants have been setup to dispose tyre & plastic waste effectively in an Eco-friendly manner.

The specialty of these plants is that it is been equipped with latest technology that extracts feasible products that could be of remarkable industrial use.

These hi-tech recycling plants have two production lines. Each line has a perceptible production capacity of 25 tons /per day. Efforts are been made to incorporate two more production lines to double the production capacity.

Waste plastic hoarded from the plant locale, sorting stations, industrial vicinity, etc. are processed in this contemporary recycling plant.

Landfills will be considerably reduced & also diminution of natural resources can be cut short to some extent.

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