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FORD’s contribution towards plastic recycling !!!

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A ground-breaking creation from FORD

Well known to the world, being one of the largest manufacturers of cars, FORD now supports removal of waste plastic bottles from landfill with an innovative plan to recycle waste plastic bottles in matting the cars. Ford had initiated this idea with the aim of plummeting landfill.

Durability test is conducted to look for CHALKING only after which the material will be used in the production. Testing is done using the device Taber 5150 that resembles a record player. Carpet sample is placed in the device and allowed to spin. The weights of the device rub the carpet to replicate the wear.

Service of the carpet for more than five years can be simulated in hardly 10-15minutes. The polyester fibers from plastic bottles used in the manufacture of carpet reduces the wear thus increasing the durability. In addition, cast foam is also used to diminish the wear.

The dazzling FORD ESCAPE, festooned with recycled bottle carpet, will have its first public appearance in Los Angeles in an Auto Show on 16th of this month.

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