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A Brief story on e-waste management

E-waste is one of the major issues and a threat to humankind. Improper recycling or disposal of e-waste may lead to serious health hazards & environmental pollution. If recycled in an effective manner, e-waste recycling not only reduces pollution but also a best way to make money.

Talking about the global situation, the worst case is that the developed countries dump their e-waste in developing countries like India, China. This is due to very week laws of the developing countries. The US Govt. too has no domestic laws to prevent the export of such a toxic waste. Hence, these materials are exported illegally for processing.

In India, still the oldest/traditional methods are followed to recycle e-waste. Hence, the developed countries misuse this low cost recycling technology and dump their waste illegally by saving their cost. Thus, ban on the import of e-waste is very much essential now.

Benefits of Recycling –

E-waste not only contains toxic materials like lead, cadmium and mercury but also valuable materials like gold, palladium, silver and copper. Hence, recycling of E-waste helps in recovering these valuable materials that can be reused in the production of new products. By doing so, we are protecting our environment from pollution & also saving energy.

Recycling of e-waste by protective methods creates job opportunities, thus leading to the economic development of the country. The valuable components from the e-waste can be refurbished & sold again.

Government should come forward to provide some financial backing to the recyclers for implementing new recycling techniques. Above all, rigid rules & regulations should be imposed to prevent dumping of e-waste into developing countries.

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