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Flourishing E-scrap Recycling –

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What are the Reasons for the Boom?

Earlier, e-waste was such an obsession that created huge trepidation among all about disposing it, recycling whatever. But now E-waste generates handsome revenue by recycling it!

The increased use of Smartphone’s, laptops, etc. is the major factor for the sudden boom for e-waste recycling. Every electronic item is overcome by its new version & obviously people throw the old ones for recycling. The other factor that supports rise of e-waste recycling is the presence of precious metals like gold and other valuable metals like copper, lead, etc. in electronic devices. Recycling these metals is a good idea of conserving resources plus we would also be saving environment from harmful effects caused by these metals when left non-recycled.

Over 10% growth in e-waste recycling is expected in the coming year. Very less qty of e-waste is recycled whereas the rest goes as landfill. Hence, still there is plenty of business opportunity that not only saves the environment but also leads to a money-spinning business.

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