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Lifespan of Chennai corporation roads to be boosted with plastic coating –

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A best way of disposing plastic waste thus improving quality of roads

The crippled roads of Chennai are to be re-layed from January. Sources from the Ripon building say that, this colossal effort is intended by the Chennai Corporation to extend the durability of its roads. This would be done by mixing the plastic waste into bitumen at the point of laying.

 A major issue of disposing the degradable plastic waste from dump yards and all around the city would come to an end with this tremendous planning of revamping roads using plastic waste. This will be a great relief to the municipal corporation of the city. The testing of laying plastic coated bitumen road will first be made on heavily battered road of the city for the whole year.

This plan was proposed followed by a visit by the Chennai Corporation officials to the Thiagarajar College of Engineering on the plastic waste management initiative - Madurai. The officials held discussions with the experts at Madurai thus making a clear study of the criterion.

Speaking about the Chennai city, there are totally 515 bus routes covering a total length of 501km. Addition to this, there are roughly 17,600 interior roads that also falls under the Chennai Corporation for maintenance.

Though more than 300 tones of plastic waste is generated in the capital city of Tamilnadu, only 10% of it will be used for laying roads in the ration 90:10. The ration indicates 90% bitumen mixed with 10% plastic waste.

How does plastic waste strengthen the roads?

The waste plastic will be molted that forms a strong binding with the metal chips. And the bitumen layer that will be poured over the plastic -metal binding will all together increase the lifespan of the roads remarkably.

Measures taken by Chennai Corporation for collecting waste plastic -

The Chennai city is formed by a total of 200 numbers of wards. Waste bins have been placed in each ward with the initiative to collect household plastic waste. Industrial grade shredders will be installed in 10 places to shred the collected plastic waste at the time of laying roads.

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