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Japan ranks top in plastic scrap recycling –

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Leads the world in recycling at the rate of 77%

The Japanese Government has passed several laws & methods to treat the waste plastic due to its increasing population that is around 127 million and scarcity of landfill space especially in metropolitan cities.

In 1996, the rate of recycling in Japan was 39%. But, the government took measures to recycle the plastic waste since 1997. In 2006, Japan recycled 73% of plastic waste.

Japan Plastic Waste Management Institute reveals that the country recycled 2.1million tones plastic waste in 2006 apart from which 4.8 million tones endured thermal recycling.

According to 2010 chronicle, 48% of PET bottle scrap was recycled in Europe, 29% in USA where as 72% was recycled in JAPAN!

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