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Long products manufacturers announce price hike

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Hike incurred due to shortage of raw materials

Price hike of long products has been declared by major steel manufacturers. The reasons for the hike seems to be due to - 

  • Power dearth in South India
  • Inadequate scrap supply
  • Shortage of iron ore and sponge iron
  • Also as the financial year nears, rush to finish the undertaken projects before closure.

Furtherance of the international scrap prices and other rebar prices however contributes negligible prop up.  

The above mentioned dilemma has ended up in price hike of the long products. The hike particulars of some familiar products can be found below - 

TMT       -    INR 500 per ton to INR 1250 per ton
WRC       -   INR 200 per ton to INR 500 per ton
Rounds    -    INR 100 per ton 
Channel   -    INR 300 per ton 
Beam      -    INR 500 per ton 

Conversely, it is difficult to preach the trend of the beginning of April but the mills have discreetly decided for deliberate price hike to prevent intense jolt.  

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