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Global market trends deteriorates base metal prices

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Brief report on prices after deterioration

Prices of base metals fell by Rs.5/kg in the local non-ferrous market. The root for the decline in prices is due to weakening global demands. 

Beginning with copper, the prices declined in global market as China that is considered to be major consumer of industrial metals has slowed down its car sales and reducing its growth rate.

The latest prices of scraps & metals in the capital city after drop are as follows -


Copper mixed scrap; fell by Rs.2/kg and now price is Rs.382/kg

Nickel (4x4) declined by Rs.5/kg and presently sold at Rs.1063/kg

Analyzing ingot prices, Zinc and lead prices fell short by Rs.2/kg. Now the prices are around Rs.116 - 125/ kg and Rs.130/kg respectively and Aluminium ingots are now available for Rs.125/kg.

Scrap prices at glance - 

Gun metal scrap- Rs.225/kg

Bell metal scraps - Rs.227 - 229/kg

Deshi (Chadri) - Rs.285/kg

Aluminium wire scrap and Aluminium Utensil scrap are Rs.130 and Rs.125/kg respectively.

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