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Turkish scrap market remains quit

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Turkish scrap market remains calm throughout this month


Turkish scrap market remains calm throughout this month, no deals are likely to happen in this month for HMS 1&2 (80:20). Most of the steelmakers booked materials for their use for April delivery. The major reason why the Mills are showing little interest is of unfavorable conditions for the finished product in Turkey.

Following are the latest deal that signed with US and UK recently. US supplier has been signed at $443/ton C&F Turkey for HMS 1&2 (80:20), Shredded scrap at $448/Ton C&F Turkey and $458 for P&S. A UK supplier concluded a deal at $443/Ton C&F Turkey for the same item last march.

Azov-Black Sea region exports estimated that they could get higher level contract in the view of transaction concluded with EU and US traders. $431 -434 /ton C&F Turkey was the rate for A3 scrap sold by Rostov-on-Don suppliers last week and $ 428/ton C&F from Ukraine and $ 427 -428/ton C&F from Romania.

Activities of the exporters from all regions reveal that there may be some sign of pick up in prices by $2-5/ton in the coming days. And exporters wishes to forecast the market and looking chances to lift up prices and getting contract at new level.

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