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Japanese H2 scrap prices fall by $397.41/ton

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Japanese domestic market has been impacted largely by the continuous price cut in scrap made by Tokyo Steel.

Tokyo Steel is one of the major buyer of Japanese scrap cuts its buying price of scrap recently that impacted the Japanese domestic market and this leading to fall in H2 scrap price from $492.91/ton C&F to $394.33 recently.

Further, Japanese H2 scrap to South Korea has been decreased recently to $394.33 -$400.49/ton FOB amid of the Japanese domestic market condition.

Another major buyer of Japanese scrap is South Korean Hyundai Steel. This company recently purchased 5,000 tons of scrap from Japan with prices $400.49/ton FOB which is down by $24.65/ton from the previous purchase of around 10,000 tons of H2 scrap with the transaction prices of $425.14/ton FOB last week. Moreover, it is recorded that $455.95/ton C&F was the purchase price by SeAH Besteel - South Korean on April 18th.

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