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Turkey puts off purchasing deep-sea scrap

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Turkish steel mills have postponed purchasing deep-sea scrap recently.

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After the frequent purchasing activities by the Turkish steel mills in the past weeks, they have postponed purchasing the deep-sea scrap recently. At present, offers for HMS 1&2 to Turkey remained flat at US$450-US$455/ton C&F.

Turkish steel mills have recently shown interest in purchasing scrap In order to stockpile amid the Euro have appreciated against the US dollar, so the Turks have shown interest in purchasing the scrap from the US supplier.  It’s reported that the US suppliers sold to Turkey at US$450-US$455/ton C&F. These same prices remain similar for large scale offers as 100,000 -120,000MT as well.

Though the Turkish steel mills postponed buying vessel deep-sea scrap, they still continued to purchase small batch of scrap from the overseas market.

It’s said that the Turkish steel mills bought A3 scrap from the Black Sea with the prices of US$435-US$439/ton C&F.

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