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Rapid Escalation in Demand for e-waste spotlight on India

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Today, India is facing a great issue in increasing demand of E-waste such as laptops, mobile phones and lot more.

According to India Infrastructure research, India has huge potential demand for electronic waste and it is in need of efficient management and recycling of E-waste. Usually we replace electronic appliances with its advanced model and find it difficult to dump the redundant version. E-waste such as old computers, laptops, mobile phones, washing machines, ovens etc are thrown to dust bin or sold at meager prices.

Moreover, large parts of these dumped electronic wastes are dismantled in informal and unauthorized settings leaving the environment to hazardous pollution. As per the electronic waste management and Handling rules, 2011, E-waste should be recycled must be routed to one of 73 authorized recyclers in India. While creating awareness about the new guidelines and implementation, it may take more time to reach the people.


Generation of E-waste in India has rapidly increasing five fold over seven years and still growing at the rate of 4% per year in line with this demand for E-waste is also increasing. If this trajectory continues, at the first of 2013 will see a total 800000 tons of e-waste on the Indian market.

Delhi Metro Corporation has installed e-waste bins at its office on Barakhambha Road, allowing both the employees and peoples to dump the e-waste in bins. The best way to reduce the e-waste is to give the old goods to the company, they were bought from. This can be done by buying new items in exchange of old products.

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