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Decrease in Stainless Steel Dealer Inventory in South Korea

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Demand of stainless steel has reduced by 3.5% from a month ago during the year 2012.

During the recent months of the year 2012, the demand for the dealer inventory of stainless steel falls by 3.5%. According to statistics released by the Korea Iron and Steel Association (KOSA), the dealer inventory of stainless steel totaled 73,188 tons in South Korean in September, falling by 5.8% from a month ago and decreasing by 15.4% year on year.

Since South Korea is one of the countries which export and import stainless steel to various other countries, most of the stainless steel firms produce tons of stainless steel products. Even though the stainless steel inventory has been owned by the manufacturers and produces 69,480 tons of stainless steel products, the demand for the stainless dealer inventory falls by 3.5% for every month.

The large presence of South Korean manufacturing units in India helps to drive their import under preferential duty. The steelmakers of South Korean are very much worried about their reduced demand for their steel plates. They expect that the demand for stainless steel will heavily reduce during the fourth quarter of the year 2012. 

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