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The recycling rate of plastic bottles while the growth of bottle recycling diminished

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A brief report on the survey performed by Recoup


As per the reports from United Kingdom, recycling rate of plastic bottles exceeds 50 percent. During the year 2011, the recycling rate of plastic bottles in UK was 52 percent. Recoup Plastic Recycling carried out a survey that came up with a result that although recycling rate is on peak, the growth of plastic bottle recycling is sluggish when compared to previous years.

The survey has revealed that over 306,000 tons of plastic bottles have been collected from the surroundings for recycling. Not only plastic bottles were collected but also more than 120,000 tons of rigid plastic packaging such as pots, tubs or trays were collected which are used by the households. It is identified that many end markets are available and auditable to support for the collection of plastic bottles from the environment. Mr.Foster from Recoup marked that still lot of things needs to be explored regarding recycling growth and also opportunity to improve supply change by collaborations thus bring remarkable changes in the recycling sector. The report on this entire affair is expected to be released shortly in November.


Everybody should strive hard in collecting plastic bottles and other plastic materials from the surroundings to make the environment clean with intention to improve recycling. If this process continues, it is sure that the nation will be changed into a new one by the next decade.  

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