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Prolonged Fluctuations in the Growth of E-Waste In Global Scrap Trade Market

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As now E-waste is the burgeoning and fast growing scrap sector by its volume in the global trade market of India.

As per WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) recycling services, the trade market was estimated to be $1424.6 million in 2011. This is further expected to grow to $1869.3 million in the year of 2017 with the strong multifarious of annual growth rate of 4% e-waste.

The global economic market of WEEE affected the recycling market as much as significantly the price of steel and plastics.  As a European trade market, growth rates were crashed but in the key regions of Western Europe the growth remained stable and now it is the only trade market which has come back to the growth mode. This WEEE trade market is primly dependent on legislation act as the prime mover for the global market. The power of WEEE directive and the presence of recycling expertise leading companies, Europe becomes the leading trade region globally. Owing to all these factors, there is no surprise for this momentum of trade market in Europe, as revealed by Frost & Sullivan report.

Now, WEEE directive requires all member countries to reproduce 45 tons of E-Waste for every 100 tons of electric appliances sold. It is also estimated that the recovery and recycling target will increase to 65% of sales by 2019 and 85% of all e-wastes are generated. The new member countries have elongated their cut-off date to 2021 within this deadline the recovery of E-waste should be increased to almost 75%. Another revised aspect in WEEE directive is to reduce the consumption of E-waste that contains ozone depleting substance.

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