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Scrap Import Diminishes 55.5pct YoY in Japan Trade Market

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The import of scraps in Japan trade market is slumped down by 55.5pct YoY in September 2012.


As per the recent trade statistics made by Ministry of Finance in Japan, over 15,400 tones of scraps are imported to Japan trade market in September 2012, declining by 55.5pct YoY. During August 2012, it was found that the Japan trade market imports 15,000 tones of ferrous scraps fell by 80.0pct YoY.


Japan import scraps from countries such as South Korea, Thailand and US. Among the total scrap imports of Japan, over 6,200 tones of scraps were imported from South Korea, 3,500 tones from Thailand and 2,800 tones of scraps from US. Based on Japan’s scrap import in September 2012, the YoY trade rate of South Korea raises by 0.8%, Thailand diminishing by 24.5% and US shrinking by 37.5%.

In total, Japan imports 185,000 tones of scraps during the first nine months of the year 2012 and the trade rate is dropping off by 63.9% YoY. Among the three scrap suppliers, South Korea is recognized as the first largest scrap supplier offering 52,000 tones of scraps to Japan, while the trade rate reduces by 45.1% YoY. Also, US is identified as the second largest scrap supplier offering 38,000 tones of scraps, slumping by 81.8% YoY and Thailand as the third largest scrap supplier providing 36,000 tones of scraps, shrinking by 11.7% YoY. 

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