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Oregon Senate Passes Special Bill To Thwart Activities Of The Scrap Metal Thieves

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Oregan Senate passes bill to curb scrap metal theft

The Oregon Senate recently passed a measure that seeks to combat the rising incidences of metal theft in the state. As per the measure an individual can only sell scrap metal to the dealers if they represent an agency or an organization which deals with scrap metal. By making the selling process difficult, the bill hopes to dissuade the metal thieves. The lawmakers gave their approval for the bill and its supporters feel that it would be able to curb the menace to a large extent after its implementation.

As per the new measure the dealers would be required to wait for three days before they can pay for the scrap metals. Apart from that, the bill would also need the dealers of scrap metals to obtain more information from the willing sellers. The lawmakers are of the opinion that it would dissuade people from committing metal thefts randomly as they would not be able to sell it easily. A number of people steal metals and sell them to get the money for buying drugs. In fact metal theft has reached alarming proportions in the state and scrap metal from even historic monuments and statues are being stolen.

This bill was welcomed by all and it passed without any objection in the Oregon Senate. It was passed unanimously and in a few days it will come under the purview of the House. The Senate Bill 570 restricts individuals to sell their goods to the dealers of metals except when they represent an agency or company that is authorized to deal in scrap metals. It also prevents the metal dealers from making the payments in cash. Post the transaction takes place the check needs to be sent to the seller after three days and he needs to have a valid residential address for that.

As a matter of fact the bill has been created after prolonged discourse among the lawmakers which lasted for three years. The victims of metal theft include the farmers and utility company representatives. The authorities are of the view that the drug addicts who consume methamphetamine are stealing the metal from the copper wiring of utility companies and farmers’ irrigation systems. They do not even spare the covers of manholes.

Even though the bill got the support of the Senate members and backing from the agricultural organizations, law enforcement and state’s utilities, it drew flak from some entities. Among them is Gary Conkling who is a part of Calbag Metals, a Portland based metal recycler. He said that it will make things hard for the clients and the bill is not going to stop the metal thieves.  

He further said that Oregon metal recycling businesses are also against the metal thefts in the state. The new bill makes it compulsory for the scrap metal dealers to inform police if they suspect or find evidence that the scrap metal sold to them by a client bears mark of theft. The metal recycling businesses are also required to gather and retain a metal property record for a year as per the new measure.

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