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Copper Price Declines 1.6% in US Trade Market

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Grade 102 copper scrap prices declined. Sources from US reveal that the price diminished by 1.6%.


As per the survey made on 5th November 2012, the prices of copper scrap grades 122 and 110 cut short by 1.7%. Among the entire prices of Metal Miner in US, this price is noted as the largest declined of the day. Copper scrap grade 102 prices too fell by 1.6% while the prices of copper in Japan remain constant.       

The copper scrap prices status of China too is same as that of US. Copper wire scraps prices weakened by 1.5% couple of days ago. Though some improvement was noticed in the recent past, copper bar prices this time fell down by 1.5%. Prices of bright copper scrap remains steady. Checking out the LME price inventory, the rates of primary copper diminished by 0.6% which means that the price per ton was around USD 7770. Likewise, the 3months prices too fell by 0.4% that is the price per ton was roughly around USD 7775.

Even though the prices of copper declines, the traders expect that it will be increased over the next forthcoming years. 

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