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Copper Trade Banned in Antigua, Heavy Metal Traders breathe out

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The export of heavy metals has been banned for 60 days in Antigua whereas copper trade ban lasts till this month-end.


Heavy metals scrap export in Antigua has been barred by the government for around 2 months from 12th November, 2012. Copper trade has also been banned. Hence the traders should wait for at least till this month-end to get into their conventional trade. A report about heavy metals trade ban given by the Public Relations Officer of Antigua’s Scrap Metal Dealers' Association revealed that the metal trade ban may be lifted after a Cabinet meeting.

Dr. Errol Cort (National Security Minister) proclaimed the heavy metal trade bar on 27th September, 2012. He also said that since copper wire and other metals are stolen frequently from private houses and industries, an excellent committee would be set up to review such issues as well as other trade related aspects.                 

Since the shipment of copper and other scrap metals are completely different, a request has been put forth to Mr. Baldwin Spencer (The Prime Minister) that the dealings of scrap metal would be separated from copper. They also wrote and made a proposal to the Prime Minister to request his interference as well as emphasize that the issue has been considered and understood.

Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) reported that thousands of dollars loss has been tolerated due to copper wire robbery from various workstations. Inquiries by the police force are made based on the reports of business as well as private homes regarding copper wire stealing.

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