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Prolonged Rise of Copper and Lead Production in China

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According to what is reported by Reuters, China’s production of lead and copper has risen up in October and the total production increased to ten folds.

Recent metal price index report reveals that production of copper rises up to 8.6 pct to 520,000 tones but the copper production is at the rate of 7.4% with 4.94 million tons in the beginning of 2012. The Metal Market Researcher reported that the Chinese copper smelters maintain their production as drastically low in the beginning of 2012 due to low tariff commission but now the tariff rates were increased so that they are catching up their lost production to increase their trade value in global market.

As per the Trade sources and index report, the tariff rates for copper have risen up to USD 30 per ton from 20 USD per ton over two months now it is increased to 80 USD to 90 USD. Not only copper, lead production bounced to 18% with 471, 000 tons opposed to the previous year production. The main reason behind this immaculate production is the higher prices of copper and lead which encourages smelters to rise up their productivity.

General Researcher of mining and metallurgy said that they are still expecting to see more productivity from lead recyclers to break down the increasing demand of lead production.

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