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Metal recycling in UK to Gain Momentum with Opening Of A New Recycling Plant

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Studsvik, UK starts its nuclear contaminated recycling plant

In a recent development, a Lillyhall based metal recycling plant has earned the status of UK’s new and first nuclear licensed site. It has been set up at the cost of £6M.  It has got a license that is valid for the next 20 years. The first plant of UK to deal with the nuclear industry’s contaminated scrap metal, Studsvik, was inaugurated officially in Wednesday. The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s head of nuclear and waste materials, Phil Davies cut the ribbon to open the Lillyhall site officially.

It is being assumed that this plant will employ around 30 workers. Mark Lyons, who is Studsvik UK’s president said in his statement that the plant is an example of UK’s earnest endeavor in carrying forward the strategies of dealing with radioactive waste. The president also said that for the nation it was an eventful and significant day. Several thousand tons of scrap metal acquired from the UK nuclear sites needs to be recycled and cleaned effectively.

He sounded confident and said that almost 95 percent of received waste will be recycled and cleaned at the facility. The chief executive of Studsvik, Magnus Groth said that the company has several decades of experience in dealing with nuclear waste. The company understands the importance of safety and health and its track record reflects the fact. Once the plant starts operations, the amount of waste going to Drigg’s Low Level Waste Repository will be reduced considerably.

This will definitely increase its longevity. The valuable metal can be salvaged for industrial use too. The recycling of steel is more environment friendly than mining iron ore to make new steel. This results in less consumption of energy and reduced pollution. The UK Health and Safety Executive granted the plant a Nuclear Site Licence in 2008. The Cumbria County Council gave the planning permission the previous year.

As per the news obtained from reliable sources, the plant commissioning is slated for the middle of 2009. The facility manager of the plant, Mike McMullen said in his statement that using local contractors for developing the plant led to the prosperity of the West Cumbrian economy. He also said that the facility will benefit the regional economy in the long run.

Studsvik has already developed alliances with regional educational, community and environmental organizations. It is Cumbria Wildlife Trust’s active corporate member. Apart from that it has made a £15,000 sponsorship deal for 3 years with Workington Cricket Club. For protecting the species of red squirrel in Cumbria it has given several thousand pounds.

There is a viewing platform at the site so that local students, children and public can witness the recycling process. The local community has been quite positive to the plant so far and the authorities are looking forward to build a cooperative relation

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