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Eradicate the Radiating Waste

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Interpol- the World's Police force has jumped to eradicate the hazardous waste along with other environmental protection organizations. The International Police has planned to adopt an "intelligence-led approach" for everyone exporting hazardous waste including electronic waste that may contain mercury. It is a form of organized and planned crime to export hazardous waste.

     images22.jpeg                          Interpol has further said if anyone breaches the law of export of hazardous e-waste strict actions will be taken.   12 people have been arrested this year for breaching the international export laws. E- Waste comprises of electronic gadgets such as Computers, television, mobile phones which contains serious contaminants such as lead, cadmium and several toxic substances that may cause serious health problems to workers and communities. There has been a stringent check on waste operators and ports to control the export of E-waste.

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