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Giant Recovery of Steel by 2010

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Steel Demand and Economic Slowdown.

Have you ever thought buying your dream car may turn into a dream? Yes this is the situation by 2010.There is a huge demand for steel-  the main raw material used in the manufacturing of automobiles and various other products. If there is a demand for steel then there will be price hike with the finished end products. In 2009 the scenario was completely different; the demand for steel went down with recession as there was a slow down in all the products which used steel as a raw material.
                   1images.jpeg                                   The global recovery has started and is becoming stronger. In 2010 the world steel usage is expected to grow 9.2% that is 1.206 billion tonnes. There will be shoot up by 12% in the world economic by 2010.This year the China’s steel usage has increased from18.8% to 526 million tonnes accounting for 48% of the world total. If China’s demand for steel is removed the world total would have fallen to 24.4%.In India there will be growth of steel usage by 12.1% in 2010.Mean while in Japan the demand for steel has slow down to 31.3% this year and there will be a upturn of 15.8% in the coming year 2010.


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