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Foreign Scrap Trade Barriers

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Updated and listed by American Scrap trade Coalition.

A new, updated list of foreign trade barriers to steel scrap was compiled by the American scrap trade coalition. They called the updated list as the removal of trade barriers.  The Coalition identified more than 25 countries that have imposed barriers on the trade of steel scrap and other raw materials, harming U.S. scrap-consuming companies and their workers.
According to Alan Price of Wiley Rein LLP  “We are calling on the U.S. Government to negotiate where appropriate, and to take legal action where appropriate”.
“Four years ago, when we first faced this problem, we suggested limiting U.S. exports of steel scrap,” said Tom Danjczek, president of the Steel Manufacturers Association. “At that time, the U.S. Government said they were not interested in this, and that the focus should be on removing foreign trade barriers.  If that is still the case, it is now time for the U.S. Government to get serious.”
“The increase in scrap prices is unprecedented in the 40 years I’ve been in business,” said Al Lucchetti, President, The Cumberland Foundry Co., Inc., Cumberland, RI.  “We are asking for help.”
The Coalition’s approach to single out Russia’s announcement that it plans to raise export tariffs on steel scrap from the current 15% level to 120-130 euros ($191-$207) per tonne was the highlight.  Price called this announcement “a giant, unacceptable step backward.”
Other countries imposing scrap export bans or particularly heavy export taxes include:  Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Argentina, India, and Ukraine. The Coalition’s complete list of barriers is available at: www.scrapcoalition.com under the section “Latest News.”  
The American Scrap Coalition includes industry associations, which represent more than 3200 steel scrap consuming companies.

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