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Alang turning into Glory with Ship Breaking

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Ship Breaking and Gujarat.

  Alang is turning into paradise in Ship breaking. It is one of the world’s most renowned Ship breaking yards. It’s becoming cleaner and competitive with the neighboring Bangladesh. Ship Breaking at Alang is maintained by Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB).A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) will be banked to retain the glory of the Alang yard.
             3.jpeg                                 Currently the Ship breaking yard at Alang is with Gujarat Maritime Board. The SPV wants to separate it from GMB’s commercial activities. They want to make the yard more independent and productive. So they have planned to convert this into a separate entity through SPV which will be looking the operations of yard instead of GMB. Both the Gujarat government and the private company to be selected will hold operations in the SPV. Last year India's highest Court-Supreme Court has asked the Gujarat government to modernize the yard and make it an Eco friendly. Out of the 173 plots at Alang, around 100 measures 30 by 45 meters. And according to the Iron, Steel, Scrap and Ship breakers Association of India it is impossible to create an Eco friendly and worker safe ship breaking as ordered by the Supreme Court Of India.

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ship broker and details of alang plot auction

i am interested for buy the ship for sales at alang and give the details of ship breaking yard plot auction at alang in very short time or not i know from market so give me the detail about that