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Mega Recycling Project of Arubis

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Arubis AG will double the recycling of computers so that it can recover precious metals.

logo-aurubis.jpgMega Recycling Project of Arubis

Arubis, AG is one of the largest copper refiners in the European continent. But most people know Arubis better for the recycling project of computers that is carried out from this location. This is probably one of the major initiatives taken by a huge corporation in Europe which will give a major boost to the recycling industry in the continent. Arubis AG will double the recycling of computers so that it can recover precious metals.

According to the spokesperson of the company, Arubis AG has plans of recycling more than 40,000 metric tons of printed circuit boards in a year. This will continue till 2012. This whole project will be worked in Luenen in a German plant. Stefan Fuchs, who is the head of electronic scrap procurement, has declared that this project will do wonders for the recycling industry. Arubis is based in Hamburg, but they will start the recycling plant in Luenen as there will be better transportation facility in that region. The plant will be recycling boards of 5,000 tons in a year.

Fuchs has major plans for the recycling project. He feels that the plants can easily double the treatment of e-waste. He understands the nuances of the industry well and has mainly concentrated on copper cables and circuit boards. He feels that recycling project for both these products will be good as the market has huge potential. In his own words, this is a growing market and one should try to avail the opportunity in these hours. He has made a sound prediction that the growth for this industry will be more than 3% in a year. There is huge potential for the market for scrap electronics.

Arubis is known to treat almost 30,000 tons of scrap materials each year. The scrap metals come from various electronic products like fax machines, copiers and obviously computers. There is an additional project for recyclables which amounts to 500,000 tons of scrap materials in a year. Scrap electronics are also involved in this project. According to Fuchs, the total amount of recyclables amounts to a third of the annual production of the company which includes refined metal and copper cathode. In fact this region is a pioneer as far as recycling is concerned.

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