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India, the Top Marketer for Waste Paper Import

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The paper demand in India is expected to reach 20 mn tonnes in FY 20. Since the domestic waste paper cannot meet the demand of the Paper Manufacturers, the only solution is to import the waste paper from other countries.


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China’s Restrictions on waste paper has made India to enhance Reprocessing:

Before the implementation of restrictions on paper waste, China remained as the preferred place for Paper Recycling. The authorities of China stated that the main reason for this restriction is to protect the people and environment. This rule affected many countries who export their waste paper to China. They followed to dump them in landfill sites or burning out, until India stepped into reprocessing.

Waste Paper Import:

Indian Recycling Industries require 14 million tonnes of Waste Paper to meet the demand. Only 30% of the total paper demand can be met by domestic recycling and for remaining India must depend on Global Markets. According to the data compiled by the Union Ministry of Commerce, the total waste paper import from April 2018 to September 2018 is 3.5 million tonnes and the import in 2017 was 1.5 million tonnes.

Exporters of Waste Paper to India:

According to the report of Confederation of European Paper Industries during the H1-18 the total export of waste paper raised to 200%. The export from the US to India raised 100% more compared to the 2017 according to ISRI. India will continue to remain as the market for US, said the Chairman of J and H sales and also he added that they are using bigger ships to export as the volume of paper wastes are increasing.

Fall in Waste Paper Price became Fortune to Indian Industries:

The decision of the Chinese government on banning paper waste has led to the drop in waste paper price. Now, the Indian Manufacturers would be benefited with the low price Waste Paper. On the fall of the waste paper price the companies like West Coast paper, TNPL and NR industries make use of this opportunity to enhance their business. A few years back one- fourth of the paper mills were closed due to the increase in the price of paper scraps. And now with the increase in the import of paper waste, the price of paper waste has fallen and the industries were reopened.

Why Demand for Paper Raised?

Printing and Writing are expected to demand 5.3 million tonnes of paper in FY19. The demand for paper will grow due to the drastic improvement in the Education sector after the implementation of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. Demand for packaging paper and Board segment is expected to reach 9.7 million tonnes in FY 19 due to the increased growth in population and requirement of quality packing. The demand for the increasing number of newspaper and magazines is expected to reach 2.7 million tonnes in FY19. Currently, the government decision on banning plastic will also increase the usage of Paper as a substitute.

Challenges for Indian Paper Industries:

Lack of wood fibre and raw material domestically and ineffective collection mechanism are some of the challenges faced by Indian Paper Industries. To overcome these challenges, the government can allow the access of degraded forest, increase the rate of the wood plantation and well- developed collection mechanism can improve the usage of waste paper.

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