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Do the Automotive Sectors in Turkey Boom the Import of Aluminium Scraps?

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Turkey is the emerging largest consumer of scrap metals. It is predicted that the import of Aluminium scraps in Turkey is set to increase by 18% from 2018. The huge import of aluminium scrap is mainly to fulfil the need for the automotive sector.

Aluminium Scraps

Import of Aluminium Scraps by Turkey:

The aluminium produced through recycling requires 95% less energy when compared to the energy required to produce the primary aluminium. Turkey in 2019 is estimated to import 122,879 tonnes of aluminium scraps than 104,319 tonnes in 2018. Turkey imported 47970 tonnes of aluminium scraps in 2016 and then increased to 60353 tonnes in 2017.

Aluminium Scraps Exporters to Turkey:

Libya is considered to be the primary exporter of aluminium scraps to Turkey. It is expected that Libya is set to export 25873 tonnes of aluminium to Turkey. Belgium to be the next leading exporter with 22102 tonnes and then followed by Italy 15005 tonnes.

Why is the Demand for Aluminium Scraps is high?

The aluminium scraps imported by Turkey are supplied as a raw material for the railway, machine and automotive industries. The developed countries like US, Germany, Britain, and Russia are exporting recycled metal scrap to Turkey. More than 30% of US scraps were exported to Turkey. The demand for scrap metals by Turkey will continue to increase.  It is also expected that scrap imports will increase from 30 million tons to 60 million tons by 2023. With the increase in importing volume, it is also expected that the import cost will also get increased from US$ 170 million in 2018 to US$ 203 million in 2019.

Turkey Aluminium Scraps Import (Tonnes)

Import of Aluminium Scraps (Tonnes)Aluminium Production in Turkey to Grow:

Technavio’s market research analyst estimated that, Turkey’s aluminium production will grow approximately by 4% until 2020. The aluminium alloys are much in demand in the construction sector, as it is much malleable than the steel.

Downstream of Aluminium Products:

Turkey is also focusing on the increased export of downstream aluminium products. The manufacturers dealing with the production of downstream products like extrusions, flat-rolled products and secondary aluminium. These products are used by the industries including construction, automotive and packaging. The export of aluminium products had increased from 4987 tonnes in 2017 to 14793 tonnes in 2018. Turkey plans to increase the export of aluminium to USD 8 billion by 2023.

Turkey’s Export Partners:

The export partners of Turkey were Germany, the UK, UAE, Iraq and the US. The main exports of Turkey were machinery, transport equipment and apparatus. Also, the Manufacturers are likely to increase the R & D budgets to develop the products, as that will meet the Standard of their end user who are present globally.

Recycling can compensate the need:

According to the analysis, the consumption of aluminium in Turkey will continue to rise for a few years. The consumption can be compensated by importing the aluminium scraps and converting into a secondary aluminium. Although the usage is high, the country is also planning to increase its export to USD 8 million by 2023. These things can be achieved by the proper production of aluminium by using scrap metals.

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