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Updated scrap price (HMS 1&2) - 2016 to 2018

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Current scrap metal price for HMS, steel and iron.

I am noticing that quit a number of subscribers and visitors ask what the current scrap metal price is for HMS, steel and iron. To be honest there is no fixed rate for these types of scrap metals however the rates may differ according to the materials quality and quantity. Below you can find the current scrap price update for various region.

Europe HMS 1&2 Price –

HMS 1&2 Price - US$190/MT (CFR)

This week Europe HMS 1&2 scrap (Import to India) stable at US$190 for the past one month

Europe Shredded scrap Price –

Shredded scrap – US$205/MT (CFR)

Indian Imported shredded scrap from Europe remain same at US$205/MT for the past one month.

US Shredded scrap Price –

Shredded scrap Price –US$205/MT (CFR)

5.7% hike have seen in the imported Shredded scrap Price to India when compared with previous three month status.

UAE HMS 1&2 Price –

HMS 1&2 Price – US$205/MT (CFR)

UAE HMS 1&2 prices inched up around $8 to 10/MT amid increased steel prices in the domestic market and are at US$205/MT (CFR)

Turkey HMS 1&2 Price -

HMS 1&2 Price – US$180- 185/Ton (CFR)

Shredded scrap - US$185-190/Ton (CFR)

It is reported that HMS 1&2 import by Turkish mills from Europe indicate sharp fall in early 2016 compared with the previous year.

However, The Price remains unchanged at US$ 185-186/Ton (CFR) from US.

Vietnam HMS 1&2 Price as of Dec 2015

HMS 1&2 Price - US$176MT/Ton

Vietnam scrap import recorded 20% hike in importing the last December amid global fall

Taiwan HMS 1&2 Price –

HMS 1&2 Price – US$150/MT (CNF)

There was a price hike around $5/MT have seen in the Taiwan HMS 1&2 Price, compared with previous 3 months.

South India scrap price –

HMS 1&2 in Chennai – INR 13500/MT

HMS (South Tamil Nadu) – INR 13/kg

Irons (South India) INR 12/kg

2010 HMS prices from different countries are mentioned below.

I read somewhere that this week Turkey’s scrap imports markets hold steady. Mixed scrap No.1 and 2(80:20) was imported at US$332/ton last week, according to one mill in Turkey.If you can see the price data below, my statement will be clear to you:

February HMS price in United States
HMS price - $270/MT
Scrap metal 1:2 80:20 HMS 1 and 2 - $ 300/MT
HMS 1:2 , 80:20 -$ 295
HMS 1 & 2 - 260.00
HMS1 -$250/MT

February HMS price in India

We will be able to see there is some  price hike in India for HMS when we compareto US scrap prices.

HMS-1/HMS-2(80/20) - $ 325/Tons
Used Rail: R60-65 - $ 330/MT.

February HMS price in  Singapore

HMS 1&2 price - 270 / MT 
HMS 1&2 (80:20) - US$ 295 CNF Free Out /Asian Ports.
February HMS price  South Africa

HMS 1&2 80:20 - 230/ MT

February HMS price  United kingdom

HMS 1&2 prices  - $ 369/Ton.

March HMS and Used Rails in Singapore

Used rails – 280/ MT
HMS 1&2 – 320/MT

March HMS 1&2 prices in United Sates

HMS 1 & 2 - $ 330

HMS 1&2 prices in Indonesia
Refrigerator’s Compressor scrap – 525/MT
HMS 1 & 2 – 215/MT
Motor Scrap – 1250/MT

This Thursday there is a rising trend in London MetalExchange ( LME) on the non- ferrous metal market  emergence of hectic buying from stockiststrigger. Nickel spurted by Rs 27 a kg to 952 Rupee 20$ and tin hardened by Rs25 a kg to 915 Rupee 19.89$. Copper utensils scrap strengthened by Rs 9 a kg to321 Rupee 6.9 $. Copper cable scrap, copper scrap heavy, copper wire bar andcopper sheets cutting all rose by Rs 7 a kg each to 352 Rupee 7.6$, 347 Rupee7.5$, 380 Rupee 8.2$ and 336 Rupee 7.30$ respectively. Zinc and lead moved upby Rs 3 a kg each to 125 Rupee 2.71$ and 111 Rupee 2.41$. Brass sheets cuttinginched up by Re 1 a kg to 252 Rupee 5.47$.

If the rates are different in your area please leave a comment with your Location and Price.


2018 HMS 1&2 Price

Turkey Scrap Import Prices Stable

US Spot transaction kept the price stable and no deal for materials from US to Turkey have been heard since October 2, 2018. Suppliers observe this because the US is meeting strong demand from their domestic mills and from buyers in Southeast Asia. Currently the prices are hovering at $333/MT

South East Asian Scrap Markets

South East Asian Scrap Markets remains less active and expecting further price correction. Taiwan scrap import price edge down to $328/MT on Oct 23, 2018 from $338/MT on Oct 11, 2018.

Get latest prices at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.recycleinme.hmsscrapprices


Indian Scrap Import Rise in Aug 2018

As per Aug 2018 report, there were 27% hike in scrap import against Aug 2017 due to the scrap consumption boosted by the steelmaking companies in India. UAE persisted the first place as a largest scrap supplier to India in the stated period.

Latest News on Steel Demand and Scrap Report (Dec 2018)

Amid Global Scrap Market Low in recent days on reduced trading and demand, everyone has question how far will prices drift, and what will be the next key drive? Please watch for the update https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSj56A4V7fE&t=19s


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